A Complete Loudness Solution

A server-client architecture loudness management software solution but not a post-production process. 

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The loudness problem?

Consumers do not expect large changes in audio loudness from program to adverts and from channel to channel. 

Program Loudness Deviation
Loudness Deviation

*Experimented with 20-30 samples/ site
** LKFS: ITU-R BS.1770 standardized Loudness unit, K-weighted, referenced to Full Scale, equivalent to LUFS

  • “The volume of advertisements that pop up when I move on to the next video is SO BIG. It hurts my ear.”

  • “I put on my earphone and raised volume for inner peace. But then the stupid noisy advertisement RIPPED MY EAR APART!!”

  • “I’m a paid subscriber, but the volume is SO STUPID that I want to cancel my subscription. Please, I need audio improvements!”

  • “Please, lower the general volume. It’s still too noisy even when I set the volume at the lowest level.”

  • “The volume is too low compared to other app. I hope you fix it” 

  • “I can barely hear the talks. ” 


The inadequate loudness normalization solution

Not only should the target loudness among mobile and TV must differ, and inadequate loudness control severely distorts the original content.

Problems of Inadequate Loudness Normalization Solution

How Loudness SDK works?

It’s a loudness management software solution but not a post-production process.

The Loudness SDK uses a server-client architecture in which the Server Tool measures loudness and generates metadata, used by client platform SDK to normalize loudness.


Gaudio Loudness SDK

    • Unlike the normal file-based solution, the metadata-drive Server-Client architecture does not damage the original content
    • Enable separate Target Loudness setting which fits perfectly for TV/Mobile/PC
    • Easy modification/resetting of Target Loudness
    • High-quality DSP Algorithms that 100% matches the Target Loudness within ±1 while maximum quality quality preservation
    • Pyschoacoustically optimized – No Clipping, No Pumping, No Breathing, No Coding-Artifact
    • Less calculation (< CPU Load 1%), Low latency (Latency 0.001sec) 
    • OTT: International-/National- Standards Compliant (ITU-R BS.1770, EBU-R128, ATSC A/85, KR TTAK.KO-07.0114, JP TR-B32, AU OP-59)
    • Live streaming: Real-time (Client-only) normalization with patented technologies
    • Music streaming: Album mode, transparent mode, high quality mode
    • DSLC – works well with devices that have different frequency response, such as smartphones and speakers
    • CTA-2075 ready – auto context-/device- matched loudness/DRC configuration
    • Genuine extension to EQ SDK features – ELEQ, Smart EQ and 3D Upmix

Loudness SDK Specifications


  • Applicable Target Loudness
    -10 ~ -33 LKFS
  • Tolerance
    ± 1 LKFS
  • Standard
    ITU-R BS.1770 (international standard)
    TTAK.KO-07.0114 (Korea standard)
    EBU R128 based Normalization also available
  • Metadata
    < 1Kbps
  • Advanced Features
    DSLC, NCPL, ELEQ, Album Mode, TruePeak Mode, OBB (5 Patents Pending)


Server Tools
– Loudness meter tool (CLI or FFmpeg filter)
– Metadata tool (CLI or FFmpeg filter)


  • Supporting OS

    Android Native SDK (.so library), iOS Native SDK (.a library), Web SDK (javascript)

  • Processing Latency
    0.001 sec


  • Functions
    – Monitoring tool for administrator
    – Log viewer


  • Custom
    Provide Custom service regarding technique, features and UI, etc.

  • A/S Support
    24/7 E-mail, Phone, Visit

Trusted by best partners

Partners that shared our mission and entrusted us with their plans.

A music streaming service of Naver that connects to AI speaker and platforms.
V Live
30M MAU OTT for teens world-wide
A subscription-based music streaming service by SK Telecom.
The largest Korean OTT service
Bugs Music
A major music streaming service and publisher service in Korea.
Korean No.1 Podcast
LINE Music
A subscription-based music streaming service by Line Corporation.
Naver Audio Clip
Multi-type audio platform

Our solutions differentiate your
business over the competition. 

We combine our resources, technology, and expertise to ensure we deliver the highest levels of solution and support to you — keeping your businesses available, resilient and meeting expectations.

Market Proven
  • High satisfaction of existing clients

  • Unique “Server-Client” architecture

  • Continuous update of new features

Custom Support
  • Customized solution

  • Quick & accurate technical support

  • Less power consumption

  • Less calculation
    (< CPU Load 1%)

  • Low latency
    (latency 0.0001 sec)

  • Easily integrated into client platform

  • Wide coverage
    (iOS, AOS, Mac, Windows)

  • Hassle-free

Gaudio has you |

Gaudio Lab is a team formed with six audio Ph. Ds and ten of audio SDK specialists focus on audio solution for video/audio platforms. Because we understand that many of our customers are already leveraging lots of technology and process stacks, we provide a solution that makes the integration easier than ever.

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