Gaudio Spatial Audio

with High Quality

The GSA-HQ (Gaudio Spatial Audio – High Quality) is an embedded audio software running on Bluetooth earbuds providing lifelike immersion with head-tracked spatial audio playback. This groundbreaking software empowers (TWS) Bluetooth headphone (all form factor inclusive, such as in-ear and over-ear) makers with the ability to implement their own high-quality spatial audio functionalities without the need for host device support, such as from smartphones.

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What is GSA-HQ?

Spatial audio functions grow popular among mobile devices, manufacturers seek solutions to integrate enhanced spatial audio into their devices.

The key benefit of GSA-HQ is high quality, low latency spatial audio through lightweight TWS processors. Spatial audio processing typically demands significant computing power which can only be delivered from the smartphone side. This leads to a separate and additional need to resolve motion-to-sound latency, the delay between the physical movement of a user’s head (wearing the audio device) and the relative updated soundscape reaching the user’s ears with correct imaging. Gaudio’s award-winning spatial audio technology and optimizations for embedded systems deliver a novel and innovative solution, setting a landmark stand in the audio industry.

As a collaborated achievement of seasoned audio experts (combined 9 doctorates and 5 masters in audio), GSA-HQ accomplishes complete sound externalization (soundstage is in front and not inside the head) without sacrificing any sound qualities. The built-in sensor fusion technology enables a more precise and natural rendering of spatial audio aligned with head-tracking. The fusion engine is compatible with data from any 6-axis or 9-axis IMUs in the market today and smoothly translates to the Gaudio Spatial Audio.

Expected Release Date: 2023-03-21

Key Features

As smartphones and AR/VR devices become increasingly powerful mobile computing devices, they have become capable of delivering compelling media better than fixed screens such as TVs. To capitalize on that capability, mobile devices will need to deliver a compelling cinematic experience. Immersive sound is now an essential element to align with visual cues. GSA-HQ had the potential to deliver on this element. Earbuds with GSA-HQ integration allow audio components to come alive and fully immersive (“being there”) within the media event.


GSA-HQ integrated earbuds make enjoyable, immersive experiences available not only via smartphone but with any visual device. Unparalleled spatial audio quality can now be delivered by any 3rd-party Bluetooth earbud maker; not just smartphone manufacturers.

Format-/codec- agnostic

The GSA-HQ binaural rendering engine itself is already designed to accept all immersive audio formats like 7.1.4, objects and ambisonics. The engine is also audio codec-agnostic.


The companion sound tuning app allows sound engineers or even lay users to easily tune and fit a target acoustic design.

  • Lowest-in-industry motion-to-sound latency (below 53 ms, compared to compared to second lowest at 120 ms) achieved through very low complexity embedded software and sensor fusion technology engineering

  • Industry-first psycho-acoustically accurate high-quality binaural rendering with full FIR-based convolution running on Bluetooth earbud SoC in real-time (10+ patents granted).

  • Industry-first 5.1 channel audio experience delivery via legacy stereo audio Bluetooth connection (Pro 5.1™ Technologies, patents pending)


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