Works is a spatial audio plugin for Digital Audio Workstations

Simplest way to place interactive 3D sounds in your VR stories

Works is the spatial audio plugin for Digital Audio Workstations designed to empower filmmakers and audio engineering professionals by creating realistic audio for cinematic VR and 360 video. The current version of Works supports Pro Tools, while other platforms including VST version are in development.

System Requirements for Latest Version (Works 1.2.0)

- OS: macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later

- Plugin host: Pro Tools 11.2 and later

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Multiple Audio Signal Use

Take advantage of the simultaneous use of three different audio signals: object (mono), channel (2.0, 5.1) and Ambisonics. Lifelike sound is possible with mono signal delivering pinpointed sound sources and Ambisonics providing general ambience in the scene.


HMD view


Panoramic view


Map view

Spatialization has never been easier; now you can shape sound design in real-time as you watch your imported reference video. Every element can be manually adjusted to achieve granular precision, and our straightforward interface paves the way for a more intuitive process than ever before. Simply drag and drop the audio tracks (depicted as circles) onto the video to match the corresponding object movements. After movements are placed and recorded, information for Azimuth, Elevation and Distance will be applied on the automation lane. All the appropriate audio tracks now have positional data, and sound synchronizes perfectly with the video as the user’s orientation changes.


Quick export with offline

Once GAO or FOA format is chosen, projects can be exported quickly with offline bouncing. GAO is G’Audio’s cutting-edge audio format that provides a superior sense of object localization and audio quality. It is playable on the free-to-download G’Sol Player or on any player that has the Sol SDK integrated.


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